Book 11: Until Friday Night

By: Abbi Glines


Would this really be a book blog without including one of Abbi Glines’ books? No would not, so here it is.

Maggie has experienced more trauma than most people combined. I went into this book only knowing about West and his life. I did not know about Maggie’s; I just knew she moved because of an experience involving leaving her parents. My mom wanted to know what the book was about and I read the summary. Correction: I tried to read the summary. I stopped in the middle because I had no clue what happened to Maggie and I was just informed.

My mom was just as shook as me.

West is really lost and thinks Maggie is map to guide him. But as the book goes on, we see Maggie is just as lost as West and has been for the last two years.

⚠ If you are looking to read this book please do not read this part. ⚠

When West’s dad died a tear slipped from my eye. I wasn’t sobbing but that’s a first. I have never cried during or came close to doing so, but one tear escaped.

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