Book 13: Five Feet Apart

By: Rachel Lippincott


Unlucky thirteen my butt. This book is amazing.

I have read no other book like this. Every thing this book has gone through and is going through is unbelievable. My friends didn’t even believe me when I told them what was happening with the book. This a rather new book that came out on November 20 of 2018. It doesn’t take that long to film a movie but the process does. This movie is coming out on March 13 of 2019 (or earlier). It wasn’t even out for a full two months before they decided to make it into a movie. They are done filming and I will link the trailer below. Does anyone want to see this movie with me because I am really excited to and I marked it in beautiful bright colors.

I was laughing my butt off when Will did anything. He is freaking hilarious. I watched the trailer before I finished reading the book and I squealed every time I noticed something in the book that I saw from the trailer.

I am very good at guessing the endings to books, and this one was no different. But I would have never guessed how they would have gotten there. ‘Everything Everything’ by Nicola Yoon is kinda similar to this book except for a few details. If you did like that book or movie, you will love this book or movie.

Watch the movie if the book doesn’t seem your style though.

I won’t go into great detail because I feel that everyone should read this book.

I didn’t like Cole Sprouse until I found out he was in this movie. I watched this trailer like a hundred times.

Can’t wait! It’s Cole Sprouse… Come on.

Book 12: Out of His League

By: Maggie Dallen


It is kind of depressing that books like ‘Catch a Falling Star’, ‘The Heartbreakers’, ‘The Wrong Bachelor’, and many more don’t get enough attention. I have never had these books recommended to me and I had to search high and low to find a my favorites. This book included.

Out of His League is so cute! I got it on audible and I listened to it twice because I didn’t want it to be over. Some phrases and similes were said multiple times and I think it there were different ways to say it, but I got the point they were trying to make. I was really excited when I saw it was part of a series and I was sad to find that it wasn’t a continuation of Veronica and Drew. I was hoping to see their journey in Boston together.

I was really surprised when I heard what was happening during the kissing part. Wow. Excuse me. Drew took Veronica to a private spot around the corner for a reason.

Why are the great books the short ones? Definitely a worthy read!

Book 11: Until Friday Night

By: Abbi Glines


Would this really be a book blog without including one of Abbi Glines’ books? No would not, so here it is.

Maggie has experienced more trauma than most people combined. I went into this book only knowing about West and his life. I did not know about Maggie’s; I just knew she moved because of an experience involving leaving her parents. My mom wanted to know what the book was about and I read the summary. Correction: I tried to read the summary. I stopped in the middle because I had no clue what happened to Maggie and I was just informed.

My mom was just as shook as me.

West is really lost and thinks Maggie is map to guide him. But as the book goes on, we see Maggie is just as lost as West and has been for the last two years.

⚠ If you are looking to read this book please do not read this part. ⚠

When West’s dad died a tear slipped from my eye. I wasn’t sobbing but that’s a first. I have never cried during or came close to doing so, but one tear escaped.

Book 10: Catch a Falling Star

By: Kim Culbertson


I have not seen this book anywhere. I could barely find it online. This book gets no credit for how good it is. I like to think I review books that don’t get enough acknowledgement, but this one, I found this on Pintrest when I was scrolling through ya contemporary books. If I had to go to that length to find a book this good, that is just sad.

I love seeing two points of view in a book, but this book didn’t need it. I was waiting in anticipation for when Adam would realize he liked Carter. I had no clue what was running through his head and for once I was happy that there was only one point of view.

I didn’t like Adam as a person, but I liked him when he was with Carter. She made him a better guy. And I loved the cover. It related to the book and most importantly, it wasn’t cheesy. This book would look really pretty in anyone’s library.

Book 9: You and Everything After

By: Ginger Scott


The second book in the ‘Falling’ series is ‘You and Everything After’. In the first book you can clearly see Ty and Cass have a connection. And in the first book they show Nate and Rowe getting Ty and Cass back together. But in the second they show deeper feelings to Ty and Cass that you didn’t see the first book.

I knew Cass had a bad past, but I didn’t know it would be strong enough to affect her future. Ty didn’t care about why or why not Cass couldn’t work out. If soccer made her happy, he would make it happen.

After this book, I am just waiting for the Preeter brothers to get married to the 33 girls.