Book 8: This is Falling

By: Ginger Scott


I am so excited to be reviewing this book because it is so different from the usual books I read. Rowe has been traumatized but she still wants to go to college. And along with Rowe, I love it when Nate calls her 33. Their phone call when she left to go back home to Arizona was so undescribably cute. I love their interactions with each other and their pranks toward one another. But what really made Nate the cutest guy ever, is when he told Rowe he would wait.

Can someone get me a man like that?!

I have seen (or read) a guy who just doesn’t stop; trauma or not. And even if I wasn’t there to witness Rowe in real life, I could tell by what I read that Rowe changed for the better when she met Nate.

Everyone needs to read this in order to know how a guy should treat you.

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