Book 7: Shuffle, Repeat

By: Jen Klein


I don’t know if it is just the name, but in my fourth book review of “The Heartbreakers”, I said I finally fangirled over Oliver Perry, but I also fangirled over the Oliver in this book. But in true honesty, Oliver was so sweet and caring. He made me really happy with his gestures; big and small. I don’t know how June didn’t fall for him sooner.

The songs weren’t ones that I would jam out to in the car, but I am not one to judge since we all have different types of music. I do think Oliver should have talked to June a little more about forgiving her at prom. But besides that, this book was amazing. I love the incorporation with music. If i didn’t love books so much and I didn’t want to be an author, I would definitely pursue something in the music industry and performing arts.

My friend borrowed this book from me and loved it, and I think that everyone should read it because it is just a nice book that you could read anytime of the year.

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