Book 5: Every Last Word

By: Tamara Ireland Stone


Sam is a popular high school girl who has OCD. She has a lot of friends and is a phenomenal swimmer. Swimming is her life. I can relate to Sam on multiple levels: we both have OCD, has lots of friends, and we both have a sport that takes up our time. But the most important relatable factor is that we both tell our feelings through poetry. When I share my words with my peers they can feel what I am trying to say, and that is the greatest reward in my book.

I love how Sam found out what mistake she made and fixed it. But I was so happy when AJ shared his poem at the night meeting. It was so cute. I didn’t know how to handle it when the truth came afloat about Caroline. I won’t spoil it because that would spoil the whole read, but it had me shaking like a tree in a hurricane.

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