Book 4: The Heartbreakers

By: Ali Novak


I listened to this book and I my heart hurt hearing the band tell me what Oliver did. Like come on dude. Cara is so funny and she is hilarious when Drew started talking about Oliver and Stella. I kind of envy Stella. How many people can say that they made out with the lead singer of a world known boy band. And that they are the photographer for them. And are best friends with the band. AND are now dating the lead singer. I know it’s fictional, but still. I have never been a fan girl to anything. Up until this…

Book 3 of the “Heartbreak Chronicles” is about Xander. The book is called “Heartstrings”. It is still in Progress but it is a fact that it is coming out in 2019. (Who else is shook by this information?!) DISCLAIMER: These are facts. I would never provide false information to you guys. I got all of this information from Ali Novak on Wattpad.

BTW:On Wattpad, she talks about the fourth book which is about JJ and in the comments, everyone is talking about Cara and JJ. Holy crap! I’m not the only one who ships them! Comment if you think this too.

I know I haven’t given any bad reviews yet, but that’s because I prefer not to and I genuinely feel bad after posting it. But if you contact me to review a book that I think is bad, I will still review it publicly.

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