Book 3: P.S. I Like You

By: Kasie West


P.S. I Like You”, is an outstanding book. The writing is so descriptive and I felt as if I were actually witnessing it with my own eyes. I can’t count how many times I laughed at Cade’s stupid remarks. Lily is so sweet but so stubborn and I feel like we can all relate to. The circumstances were so weird but intriguing.

This was the first contemporary book I ever read and this book is what brought me into the world of YA romance. If you need a good summer or back to school read, this is a nice and fluffy one. Though it deals with tiny serious topics, it doesn’t take up the whole book.

“P.S. I Like You”, is so cute and it doesn’t get enough credit.

6 thoughts on “Book 3: P.S. I Like You

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