Book 2: The Wrong Bachelor

By: Alexandra Moody


I. Loved. This. Book. It was so well written and I read the PDF version online and it was like a movie was playing in my head without the voices. But then I looked it up on Audible and was going to come out in a week so I waited patiently for the book and on December 28, 8 hours of my day was spent listening to a book. All of the puzzle pieces came together and the voices were finally added to the movie I created in my mind.

I was kind of shook when I finally got to hear Cole’s perspective in the second paragraph. And Maddie is blind that she can’t see that Cole likes her. The ending had me kicking my feet in excitement. Cole had the perfect way of telling Maddie of how he feels and how to win her back. And I have to agree with everyone in that school that Laurie is a total psychopath. I mean who does that crap for a guy; in love or not.

Caddie is my all time favorite ship name. Cole is so sweet and Maddie always takes it the wrong way. I’m trying to find a bad thing to say about this book, but I just can’t find a blemish. It’s diverse and I can’t count how many times I laughed at Even.

Book 1: If the Summer Lasted Forever

By: Sheri L. Tapscott


It wasn’t good enough for four stars, but not bad enough for three stars. But there isn’t a half star in the system so I went with four.  I was kind of thrown off guard when I read the book. Someone gave me a short summary that didn’t really correlate with the book. And then there was a lot going on at the end of the book that could have been planned out better.

(Spoiler) In the end the mom and the uncle hook up… That secret could have been found out in the middle and then Landon could have comforted Lacey. I like the problem because it’s interesting, just not when it happened.

Overall it was a pretty cute book. The ending was adorable and I would read that part a thousand times. The plot was pretty cute. There are a lot of books out there about having a fake boyfriend and then along the way you fall in love and then confess your feelings. But this one was rather different seeing as the circumstances. This would be a book that you would read in your spare time. In my opinion it wouldn’t be the top of the TBR list… But it should still be on it.